Monday, December 19, 2016

Home Buyers

We've been looking for a house since June of last year. There have been several complications that have kept us from finding what we need. However, at this point, our lease is up in about two months. We need a house.

Did I mention I hate house hunting?

Still, the thought of being in a place that is not a two-bedroom apartment is extremely appealing.

And it's Christmas. Did I mention I love Christmas?

And my kids are coming on Friday. Did I mention I adore my kids?

And, oddly, even though I've visited Utah at Christmastime every year for the past decade, the people I have visited have never visited me at Christmas. So Danny, whom my family adopted about 10 years ago, came to visit on Saturday and said, "I didn't know you guys decorate for Christmas." I laughed because why wouldn't I. But then I realized, I don't really talk about the things I do for Christmas.

This year the decorations are small and inexpensive. A Dollar Store star perches at the top of our tiny tree. All the traditional ones are packed in boxes in our storage unit. But it's still Christmas. I'll still bake and sing and celebrate.

And next year we'll be in a house. That's more scary than I want to think about. Home ownership is not something I long for. But I do long to leave our current living condition. Must be time for me to grow up.

So tomorrow, bright and early, I'm going to look at houses. Lots of them. And I might find the one I've been searching for. Wish me luck.