Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm not in the habit of denigrating my husband. I adore him. He's smart, capable, imaginative, a great listener--altogether an amazing man, which is why I married him. However, he's not perfect. He has weaknesses. Occasionally those weaknesses make me a bit insane.

For instance, this: 
No, this is not my car, garage, or driveway. But what I want you to notice is the orientation of the car. Notice that it's backed into the driveway. Aaron has an obsession with backing the car into the driveway (or random parking space). I don't know why. 

Sometimes I think maybe it's because if I'm running late for something and he's ready, we'll save three seconds because I won't have to walk around the front of the car to get in and thereby arrive at whatever destination on time. I've yet to convince him that three seconds is not a time saver.

Or it could be because he has mad backing skills and he's waiting for me to notice. I should compliment him more. 

Or maybe it's because he just likes to drive and backing takes longer than just driving into the driveway, thus extending his sojourn in the car.

I don't know. I don't get it. I want to get it. But mostly, I just want my teeth to stop grinding when he does that backing up thing. I have no idea why it makes me crazy, but quelling the impulses to jump out of the car and run away (if I'm in the car when he's backing up) or lock myself in the bathroom for ten minutes (if I'm not) is becoming more and more difficult. So someday, if you happen to notice road burn on my shins, elbows  and face, you'll know what happened.

Pretend you don't notice, okay?